21st Jun 2013
Eric Gill poster


A new poster designed by Nikola Djurek and me, commemorating the words of eminent typographer, Eric Gill: “There are about as many different varieties of letters, as there are different kinds of fools.”  Silkscreened fluo green and blue and set in Audree’s versatile styles.

Buy here at Typonine

21st Jun 2013
RWD & web typography lecture


My dear friend Dino Trojak (frontend developer) and me gave a small lecture on responsive web design layouts and web typography as part of ImputMOP multimedia festival in Varaždin which is organized by students for students (and anyone interested in all kinds of media).

Since we expected younger crowd it was basically introdcution in how does it work and giving some basic information on web type technology.


27th May 2013

Goran Šarić of Re.cycles has finished my rad new bike! Pinarello frame, Campagnolo headset and bb, Retrospec deep profile wheelset, Zion bmx grips, customized straps, seat and paintjob… 

More pics and info @ https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151603711473363.1073741827.185400593362&type=1

6th Apr 2013
Audree Type System

Audree is new type system designed by Nikola Djurek with Marko Hrastovec, consisting out of several hundred styles. Choosing between fifteen different serif shapes, two construction models, high or low contrast, and adding stencil or inline effects results in unique, expressive variations of Audree’s letterforms.

Video and specimen designed by Dario & Hrvoje


14th Mar 2013


First Croatian edition of Gerrit Noordzij’s The Stroke theory of writing.

Very proud of having a chance to contribute to such an important project and to collaborate with Nikola DjurekHrvoje Živčić, Damir Bralić and Dejan Kršić as part of the editorial board.

Book is published by DVK UMAS and is available through HDD and Upi2m

14th Sep 2012
Icograda Excellence Award

Happy to announce that I’ve recieved Icograda Excellence Award and joined this prestigious company here at ICOGRADA. Many thanks to the jury with Mirko Ilić on top of it for recognizing and awarding my student project As I Lay Dying.

Award was handed in as part of opening ceremony of 1112 Croatian Design Review biennal exhibition which is opened from September 14th until November 15th @ Museum of Arts and Crafts (MUO), Zagreb.

Other winners can be seen here. Special congrats to my colleagues Tessa Bachrach Krištofić and Ozana Ursić for their awards! 

23rd Aug 2012
Studij dizajna @Špancirfest exhibition

Exhibition presents two projects developed during Špancirfest 2011 workshop which was organized by School of design, Zagreb. Aim was to produce technologically and conceptually deductible solutions for local producers. One group was dealing with local marketplace and it’s needs, while second group was designing packaging for pumpkin oil. 

Marketplace has delivery service where people can order fresh fruits and vegetables online or by phone. At the time, goods are delivered in plastic bags only. Main goal was to define and develop delivery boxes, paper and canvas bags as equipment which will primarily serve for delivering goods and at the same time it will be promotion material for marketplace. 

Visual part of the identity is based on native, area specific communication dialect and phrases leaving space for users to use material as they used to (writing prices, names etc.) and therefore personalize macro identity for their micro purposes. 

Product design: Ozana Ursić, Sanja Rotter
Graphic design: Marko Hrastovec 

Exhibition takes place @ Šenoina 12, Varaždin from August 24 until September 2, 2012.

6th Aug 2012
Zgraf 11

Presentation of visual identity for International Exhibition of Graphic Design ’Zgraf 11’ and ‘EduZgraf’ platform for students. Author of the identity is Damir Bralić who I collaborated with and assisted in implementation. 

Identity experiments with Nikola Djurek’s Delvard Gradient, which is historically and technologically related to Zagreb and graphic industry. 

Following pictures present most of the material that was produced for the exhibition.

8th Jun 2012
Ausseerland-Salzkammergut - found type

All photos were taken in the north of Steiermark province in Austria, more precisely Ausseerland - Salzkammergut region, which is placed in Alps and where people stick to their local identity and customs trying not to live modern life as we (urban people) know it. Therefore most of the traditional customs are preserved until the present day which (among other things) is reflected in many hand-made signs mostly written in Fraktur - traditional script of the area. 

(Bad quality photos taken with iPhone4 camera)

Region is well known for it’s numerous salt mines. Although they date back to 1147., they produce huge amount of salt even today. Here are photos of entrances in 2 mines with huge ‘ERBSTOLLEN’ letterings above the gates.


'Gluck Auf’ - traditional miners greeting made out of metal in Fraktur 

Series of hand-made signs written in different versions of Fraktur (probably every painter uses his own handwriting)

Interesting hand paint on wood saying: 'Privat-Parkplatz’

Various Fraktur examples through different media

Engraved swashed letters on a plaque in front of a Church in Grundlsee 

Grundlsee house numbers or even house signs (many families uses them since they offer accommodation for tourists). There are number of different house numbers and signs made out of different materials and here are some of the most interesting ideas.

Official local wayfinding plates and probably custom type in use (very nice combination of sans and fraktur details)

Documents from 'Ice cave’ museum in Dachstein. 

20th May 2012
Golden Bra Award za najbolju tipografiju

Andy, Luka i ja osvojili Golden Bra Award u kategoriji Make your mark: Typography, za tipografiju Milosz, u Mariboru na Magdalena 2012 festivalu kreativnih komunikacija.

13th May 2012

Tipografska ilustracija. Marlene Stencil i alternacije ugrubo ručno iscrtane i zatim digitalnim ekspresionizmom, nasumičnim odabirom boja obojene plohe nasumično dobivenih veličina i oblika.